My Life is Filled with Miracles! Are not Yours?

My Life is Filled with Miracles! Are not Yours?

We have heard of many miracles. Whether I am awake or I am sleeping, I have had almost countless miracles in my life. You have heard of many miraculous incidents. These are nothing compared to what we do experience day in and day out.

What is actually a miracle?

A miraculous incident is something that amazes us, that is presently out of reach of our capability, even out of our comprehension.

Some examples are walking on water, sitting in fire, manifesting something from thin air. These are intriguing and lure the mind.

I am student of Biology and Medicine. Many of you might have not study these subjects. Human Physiology, how the human body works, is really amazing. It has kept me hooked and caused a strange feeling.

Our body is made up of systems – nervous system, cardiovascular system etc. Each system has a group of well-coordinated organs. Organs have tissues. Tissues have cells.

Cell is so tiny that it could be seen only with microscope. It is an entire universe in itself. I have read an entire book about functioning of cell. Yet, there are thousands of more books about its functioning.

The mystery didn’t end here. Then, I had some organs through which I could move, speak and do many stuffs. There is all sort of activities done through these executive organs.

Some are great at painting with their hands, some are great with different music instruments, some are great at handwriting, some are great sculptors, some are great with football, some with baseball, some with cricket. The possibilities are endless.

No! The happenings are endless. Yes! The happenings are endless.

The miracles have more layers. The next layer is perception through senses. Doctors could not understand that the nerves in the eye can perceive light, nerve in the skin perceive the touch, nerve in mouth taste. Why is it so?

And you take anything, for example taste, infinite varieties are happening. I love eating this and this. You love that….I love this color. You perceive it boring and dull.

I wouldn’t go mad even if miracles have stopped here.

The next dimension is of mind. It is even more intertwined and twisted. There is language, thoughts, feelings, emotions, mood, behavior, awareness, intellect, memory, wakefulness, dream and sleep. Each are with endless varieties. There is morality, immoralities, values, ambitions, pursuits, good and bad, religious and nonbeliever, science and superstition, peace and unrest,  bondage and liberation, evidence versus faith, spiritual or naturalist.

Consider the vastness of these happenings in all realms. It is maddening. It is phenomenal. Or it is phenomena.

If you know about computer, the basic command is in the binary – 0 and 1. Then, there is another superimposition of language, then you have operating system, then you have different programs like Microsoft word. Then, you weave magic through that by writing, drawing.

It is like our lives are running on heaps of different languages and operating systems.

When you serve me a glass of water, when you lift a pencil, you look at somebody, almost an infinite array of miracles are happening every time.

It is like we are wrapped in sheaths and sheaths of miracles.

Even if all these miracles are pointing outside, they are like the dancing waves of ocean.

Is there some thread behind all these miracles?

Sometimes, it feels that my own awareness could be that thread. Our own awareness could be that thread. Actually, all these miracles are the waves of my awareness, my perception, for each one of us.

Perhaps, there might be another thread that might transform this entire tumult into waves of my awareness, or our awareness or his awareness.

Perhaps, this perhaps will be true. This will also be a miracle.

Gurudeva, his blessings and practice of his teachings can transform this perhaps into….. His loving gaze, his assuring smile, his….

Aren’t our lives filled with ceaseless miracles? Yes or Yes!

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