Kriyā Yoga Rahasya – (The Secret of Kriyāyoga)- Volume I & II

Kriyā Yoga Rahasya

  • Author: Sri Maheshwari Prasad Dubey
  • Price: INR 300
  • No of Pages: 125
  • Language: English (Translated from Original Hindi Text)
  • Publisher: Raj Yoga Kriya Yoga Mission/ Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar

Kriyā Yoga Rahasya by revered Shri Maheshwari Prasad Dubeyji is one of the most authentic books available on Kriyāyoga. It can be regarded as a treatise for disciples and kriyāvāns who are inquisitive and new on this path or are experienced kriyāvāns having practiced Kriya for many years. Whatever Dubeyji has expressed in this book about Kriya in a very simple manner cannot be found elsewhere. Rarely does an Acharya of the stature of Shri Dubeyji share their personal experiences of Sadhana.

How to acquire this book?
To acquire the book, kindly get in touch with :

  • Dr. Vikramaditya Tomar via WhatsApp at “+91-9711133682“.
  • You can make an online payment through UPI for the book, and please keep in mind that there might be extra shipping charges.
  • Please send your inquiry to Dr. Tomar via WhatsApp. People residing outside of India can also contact him.

Books are now also available at the address below, apart from our registered Ashram address.

Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar

38, Bidhan Sarani,
Kolkata, West Bengal, 700006

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