On the request of several kriyabans of Raj Yoga Kriya Yoga Mission, Gurudev Acharya Dr. Sudhin Ray appeared live on the Facebook page of Raj Yoga Kriya Yoga Mission from 10:30 am to 11:15 am to convey his message on the auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima, that was different this year with no kriyaban remaining in physical contact of Gurudev (due to onslaught of Corona pandemic) but only having his virtual proximity, thanks to the generous efforts of Dr. Oindri Ray, the younger daughter, and disciple of revered Gurudev.

At the very outset, Gurudev invoked upon Guru Shakti flowing through this Guru Parampara to getting endowed upon all kriyabans for which he sought the blessings of all Masters of Guru Parampara. Elaborating on the significance of practicing kriya on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima, Gurudev stated that a kriyaban has the opportunity to ascend to higher plexuses on Guru Poornima too, just like any other day, with the only difference being that such ascent would be more rapid and perfect as one would feel the Guru Shakti more precisely this day, which remains intense on Guru Poornima. However such realization of Guru Shakti, which helps seeker in his upward journey, is proportionate to the tanmatras present in him with his practice of kriya too varying with the degree of tanmatras.

The one, who practices kriya diligently by using his intellect, definitely reaches a commendable state of kriya. In this respect, it is to be noted that the two principal elements viz ahankaar (ego) and buddhi (intellect) arise from Antahkaran and that from ahankar element (ego) arises mann (mind). Intellect gets manifested/expressed in two ways viz prakritigata or innate/inborn/natural way and chaitanyagata or aware/awakened/conscious way. It is difficult for persons using intellect in an innate way to becoming chaitanyagata but those using it in a fully aware/awakened/conscious way under the effect of Guru Shakti have a totally different realization.

It is because the right understanding does not come to sadhak who practices kriya by using innate intellect and therefore does not realize much. On the other hand, one practicing kriya by using awakened intellect in a perfect and peaceful manner becomes Gurumay, that is gets attuned with Guru Shakti and realizes Gyan and bhakti as enunciated in Bhagawat Gita (by Lord Krishna) in Gyan and Bhakti Yoga distinctly. One having known Gyan and Bhakti comes to know the various stages of Kriya Yoga that he has advanced through by way of kriya practice which makes him realize the mode of functioning of Prakriti or Evolution that he finds similar for every creation and therefore keeps advancing/progressing that way. Gurudev stated that those who have practiced kriya or would be practicing kriya on this day of Guru Poornima would definitely be having a different realization besides coming to understand how kriya yoga enables man in awakening inner vision for understanding and/or realizing Gyan and Bhakti through the essence of Guru Shakti.

He said that on Guru Poornima we all try to attune with that Guru Shakti that remains splendid and intense this day.

After his inaugural address, Gurudev asked kriyabans to put questions, if any, to which the following questions popped up on the screen that was then read out by Dr. Oindri Ray and accordingly answered by Gurudev:

Q1: বাবা ক্রিয়া করা কালীন তো দেখা হচ্ছেই, কিন্তু কবে দেখা হবে, বাবা? — Amitava Dutta
Master, though I am meeting you during kriya but when shall I be meeting you personally?

Gurudev: [If you can see the jyoti (light) during kriya for which you have been initiated into, there is no need for any physical vision as the latter is not eternal. The Atmajyoti that you visualize during kriya is eternal as in that jyoti itself lays everything, which appear to be arising from and dissolving into the same. The vision of Atmajyoti is therefore important and ultimate.]

Q2: বাবা কি ভাবে দৃঢ় সংকল্প হওয়া যায়? — Suraj Saha
Master, how can one make his determination firm??

Gurudev: [Determination gets swayed either by memory or imagination. While memory pulls the man into his past, imagination pushes him to the future with him hardly staying in the present. Determination becomes unsteady under the influence of samaskaras. One should drop the ( past) memories as determination gets firm only in the present for which one’s intellect has to be pure.]

Q3: বাবা, ধ্যানের মধ্যে ক্রিয়া দীক্ষা হয় না? কবে আবার সামনা-সামনি দেখা হবে, জানা নেই তো ? — Jayita Sengupta
Master, doesn’t kriya initiation happen in dhyana? Actually it’s not known when I shall be meeting you?

Gurudev: [Dhyan is a supreme state where everything is in equilibrium (samyabhav) while remaining related and dissolved into the Universal. Therefore in that state, kriya initiation can take place- in fact, everything is possible in the state of dhyana.]

Q4. এই কঠিন পরিস্থিতিতে কি ভাবে মন শান্ত রেখে ধ্যান করা যাবে ? —Oindri Ray
In this trying time, how can one meditate by keeping his mind calm and peaceful?

Gurudev: [Mind becomes restless due to desires and such restlessness breeds anger, violence, and other vices. Such a restless mind can be stilled only through the practice of kriya. Kriya alone makes the mind subtle that then becomes calm, still and peaceful with its energy manifesting and bringing all states under the control of the sadhak. Such state of sadhak is termed sthithpragya or samyavad (in kriya) when sadhak is no more perturbed by disturbances and/or happenings on the surface.]

Q5. গুরুজী ক্রিয়ার কোন স্তরে দেহ বোধ বিনাশ হয়ে আত্ম বোধ জন্মায় ?– Subhankar Panda
Master, in which stage of kriya does body consciousness drop to pave way for awakening of soul consciousness?

Gurudev: [While practicing kriya, one must not lay too much emphasis on the stages of Kriya. It is because the very aim of Kriya is to transforming the mind from its gross to subtle state that depends on the degree of tanmatras in a sadhak. If a sadhak can ascend from his lower prakriti (innate nature) to the higher state of mind through the practice of kriya (in whatever stage he belongs to) he becomes urdhagami and with his mind becoming urdhagami everything comes under his perception and/or control.]

Q6. Can I mentally chat on?
Gurudev: Actually the mind is empowered to chat with everyone and therefore you can chant mentally.

Q7. ক্রিয়া আর তন্ত্র সাধনা কী একসাথে করা যায়? —Abhijit Kr Saha
Can one practice kriya and tantra sadhana simultaneously?

Gurudev: [Joto mot, Toto poth- that is, there are as many ways as there are faiths. However, all paths lead to That- One. You should understand that you have been shown that path by Gurudev, which is right for you depending upon your tanmatras and your physical and psychological constitution. However, if you wish to follow both the paths, you must ask your Gurudev whether you may advance on both the paths (of kriya and tantra) simultaneously.]

Q8. Guruji, while doing kriya sometimes I experience a state where I am feeling very pleasant but lose all sensations like the feel of my fingers, limbs, even breathing, etc. This happens anytime during various stages of Kriya. It takes a lot of effort and focus to come out of this state. I feel not to come out of this state as it is very pleasant but there is fear also as what will happen since all feeling of senses is gone. What to do in such a state? Should I remain in that state as long as possible or should I continue with Kriya steps rather than remaining in that state? —- Ambarish Kumar Verma

Gurudev: [This is a natural phenomenon for all (sincere) kriyabans and in such a state one should simply observe and feel that pleasantness in absolute silence and stillness. Actually being in that blissful state or pleasantness is the ultimate-Satchitananda. Then there is no problem.]

Q9. তন্মাত্রায় কি বিবর্তন ঘটে ? – Abhijit Mita Sengupta Does improvement occur in tanmatras?

Gurudev: [With growth of intellect, improvement in tanmatras comes to the realization of sadhak.]

Q10. বাবা আমি কি ধ্যানের মাধ্যমে আপনার সঙ্গে কথা বলতে পারি ?– Satya Priya Ghosh Master, can I communicate with you in dhyan?

Gurudev: [Of course you can, provided you actually reach that state of dhyan, for in that state you no longer remain separate from me. In other words you enter the dimension of Universality (samyavad), the ever equilibrium state, where there is no duality- possible only when you have truly renounced all physical and/or worldly possessions/attachments and/or identifications to become one with the Universal.]

Q11. কুন্ডলিনী শক্তি জাগরণ কি অপরিহার্য? রাজ যোগ বা ক্রিয়া যোগে কি কুন্ডলিনী জাগরণ ঘটে? –Dipan Kumar Nayek
Is it essential to awaken Kundalini Shakti? Does it get awakened by practicing Raja Yoga or Kriya Yoga?

Gurudev: [Kundalini Shakti or the serpentine energy doesn’t get awakened in all human beings. Kundalini Shakti gets awakened only in those wise men who by virtue of their efforts, determination, patience and intellect receive His grace to ascend into that unknown dimension and hold on to that energy whence after that they perform all tasks for which they have been born. Thakur Ramakrishna Paramhansadev says that awakening of serpentine energy alone is not the aim of life. If only when one desires and strives to serve the people, Mahamaya would awaken that energy in him at the right time.]

Q12. বাবা আমি কি করে বুঝবো যে আমি ভুল ক্রিয়া করছিনা ? –Satya Priya Ghosh
Master, how can I understand that I am not practicing kriya incorrectly or improperly?

Gurudev: [If by practicing kriya, you are deriving Ananda, then you may assume that you are not practicing kriya in an incorrect or improper way.]

Q13. How can I know that I am practicing kriya properly?

Gurudev: [Conflict is the root of all vices and lust. By overcoming such lust you would know that kriya is happening properly.]

Q14. Even after knowing there is nothing else than my atma, atma mei ishthirtha nahi hoti; bar bar vikshep hota hain plz explain — Yuktesh Subedi
Master, despite knowing that I am nothing else but Atman I do not get stabilized in Atman with such stability getting disrupted again and again. Please explain.

Gurudev: [Atmabodh or realization of the self is the ultimate. If one realizes self, then no more questions would arise.]

Q15.তম্মাত্রা – কী সূক্ষ্মতার একক ? Sandhya Saha Ghosh
Is tanmatra a unit/measure of subtlety?

Gurudev: [Everything starting from the body to mind to natural qualities has its subtle state. However tanmatras (roop, rus, shabd, sparsh, gandh) are qualities of the physical and are combination of both the gross and subtle states and therefore they are not unit/measure of subtlety.]

Q16. Gurudev Daya Karo Dino Jane!
Master, kindly share your grace on this helpless soul!
Gurudev: [This is actually expression of the one who is in total communion with That and is therefore bound to receive His grace.]

Q17. অহংকার আর কনফিডেন্সের মধ্যে তফাৎ কি ? Saurabh Pal
What is the difference between ahankaar and confidence?

Gurudev: [While ahankaar (ego) sourced in Antahkaran is responsible for creation, confidence is its expression/manifestation and therefore there is no difference as such between the two. While confidence is Purushukar (prowess) whose application is towards truth, application of ahankaar (ego) is towards falsehood.]

Q18. ক্রিয়ার পর কিছু সময়ের জন্যে নো মাইন্ড স্টেট আসে সেটা কি ভাবে ধরে রাখা যায় গুরুজী ? –Subhankar Panda
After practicing kriya, no mind state arises for a short while; how can I hold on to that state for long?

Gurudev: [Everything has a frequency and so has the mind. When mind is still, it has a different frequency but under the influence of indriyas frequency changes that transforms the mind automatically from its subtle to gross state. Hence unless indriyas are completely under control or check, it would not be possible for a sadhak to stay long in the state of no mind.]

Q19. দীক্ষা নেওয়া পরে যদি ক্রিয়া ঠিক মতো করতে না পারলে কি ক্ষতি হবে?— Subrata Mukhopadhyay
If one cannot practice kriya properly after getting initiated, would it be then harmful?

Gurudev: [Kriya should be practiced daily as directed by Lahiri Mahasay. However, Lahiri Mahasay has said that in case of people busy in their professional lives, especially those involved in the service of the public, Gurudev himself as well as Masters of Guru Parampara and/or Bhagavan practice their share of kriya. But then such kriyabans must have the earnest desire of practicing kriya and reaching the proper state and/or Truth but due to lack of time are not able to do so.]

Q20. গুরু ছাড়া কি মুক্তি নেই ? Abhishek Debnath
Is there no salvation (Mukti) without Guru?

Gurudev: [Guru is essential- and he is within you. The one whom you see in physical form is just the guide who shows you the path (to that Guru). Once you become Gurumaya and have Gurugyan, that is realization of the self, you become one with Guru. Therefore you have to understand it for yourself that whether Guru is with you or Guru is in front of you.]

Q21. আমাদের শরীবে যে captive air কী প্রান বায়ু? তম্মাত্রা সম্পর্কে একটু বিস্তারিত আলোচনা করুন৷ Sandhya Saha Ghosh
Is the captive air within our body prana vayu? Please enlighten on tanmatras.

Gurudev: [Practice pranayama sincerely to know for yourself what prana is as mann, prana, atman are all words that none knows. When prana enters Brahmarandha, then alone you would know whether such prana vayu is captive air or not and only then you would be able to understand tanmatras and their transformation in you.]

Q22. বাবা, ক্রিয়ার পরাবস্থা আর সমাধি কি এক জিনিস ? Sankarshan Narayan Deb
Master, are Kriya ki Parawastha and Samadhi identical?

Gurudev: [While Samadhi is samyabhav (equilibrium state), Kriya ki Parawastha is the journey from samyabhav to turiyabastha. It has to be understood by visualization.]

Q23. বাবা, দর্শন কবে হবে ? Shiva Nath Jha
Master, when shall I have your darshan?

Gurudev: [Darshan is happening continuously. If only you feel and like to have it, you would definitely have it as you have that power.]

Q24. গুরুদেব আমি এখনো বুঝতে পারছি না কি প্রাণায়াম হচ্ছে কি না…কি করে বুঝবো যে প্ৰাণায়াম হচ্ছে ? — Surendra Shaw
Master, I still cannot understand whether pranayama is happening or not. How can I understand that Pranayam is happening?

Gurudev: [You will understand that pranayama is happening when it will start happening on its own (without your effort) with your respiration getting stopped and you basking in Ananda or the blissful state besides realizing that someone is getting the pranayama done through you.]

তুমি গুরুদেব, তুমি পরমব্রহ্ম

তুমি গুরু দেবতা, সত্চিত আনন্দ।

বিরাজিত তুমি নাথ,অখন্ডামন্ডলাকারে,

তোমা পদ হেরি প্রভু ব্যাপ্ত চরাচরে ।

তুমি গুরুদেব…

এ নিবিড় তমসাতে তুমি সাথে আছো নাথ, উন্মোচিতে জ্ঞান দানী অজ্ঞানেরে দাও সাথ,

তুমি ব্রহ্মা তুমি বিষ্ণু, পিতা মহেশ্বর তুমি,

তুমি আমার পরম ব্রহ্ম,প্রনমি-আSভূমি।

তুমি গুরুদেব..

জ্ঞান শক্তি সমারুঢ়, তত্ব মালা বিভুষনে,

ভুক্তি মুক্তি প্রদান করি পার করো সকল জনে,

তুমি গুরু জগদগুরু, তুমি নাথ জগন্নাথ,

সর্ব ভুতে তুমি আছো, তোমা পদে প্রণিপাত।

তুমি গুরুদেব…

ব্রহ্মানন্দে জ্ঞানমূর্তি,দ্বন্দের সেথা নাহি ঠাঁই,

গগন সদৃশ প্রভু, দাও সবে জ্ঞানপূর্তি ,

তুমি মাতা পিতা তুমি, সখা তুমি তুমি জ্ঞান,

বিদ্যা তুমি ধ্যান তুমি জুড়াও সবার প্রান।

তুমি গুরুদেব…

ভক্তি দাও শক্তি দাও, শুদ্ধ করো চিত্ত মোর পবিত্রতা দিয়ে প্রভু কাটাও এ নিশিঘোর ।

তুমি গুরুদেব…।।

শ্রী শ্রী গুরুপূর্ণিমার পুণ্য দিনে মহাবতার বাবাজী, যোগীরাজ শ্রী শ্রী শ্যামাচরণ লাহিড়ী বাবা,শ্রীশ্রী পঞ্চানন বাবা, শ্রী শ্রী নিতাই বাবা, শ্রী শ্রী দুবে বাবা,আমাদের পরমারাধ্য গুরুদেব ও পরমারাধ্য। গুরুমার শ্রীচরণে কোটি কোটি প্রণাম জানিয়ে সমর্পিত হোলো আমার এই ক্ষুদ্র প্রচেষ্টা, শ্রী গুরুবন্দনাকে বাংলায় রূপান্তরের কোটি কোটি প্রণাম নেবেন বাবা, কোটি কোটি প্রণাম গুরুমা… প্রদ্যোত

The above beautiful poem written by one of our kriyabans was read out which is a salutation to all Gurus of our Guru Parampara. Gurudev expressed his delight at such devotion of kriyaban having surrender bhav which is but a feature of unconditional devotion. Through practice of kriya unconditional devotion (without cause) arises and conditional devotion (for cause) recedes.

Q25. গুরুজি আমার প্রণাম নেবেন. আমি জানতে চাই যে ক্রিয়া যোগ কি মানুষ কে ঈশ্বরের কাছে পৌঁছে দিতে পারে.? নাকি ক্রিয়া যোগ শুধুই একটা পদ্ধতি যেটা মানুষকে তার নিজস্বতা এনে দিতে পারে. এর সাথে ঈশ্বর আর কি সমন্ধ. ঈশ্বর কে পাওয়ার জন্য ক্রিয়া যোগ কতটা সাহায্য করে.. যদি একটু বলেন.. Soumalya Roy
Master, please accept my salutations. Can you please tell me whether Kriya Yoga is just a science or technique for self realization or does it help in leading man to God? How is self realization related to God and how far Kriya Yoga helps in attaining/knowing God?

Gurudev: [What generally is understood by God/Ishwar/Bhagavan is but manifestation of that pure, eternal knowledge and wisdom combined with pure sattva gunas that the realized masters have known for themselves and disseminated into the world for the benefit of all. It is extremely important therefore to work for knowing on your own whether such manifestation really takes place. Else the question always remains that whether one would gain anything or not by traversing a path or doing some work, but then there is no respite from doing.]

Q26. বাবা, মানস ক্রিয়া কি? Satya Priya Ghosh
Master, what is Manas Kriya?

Gurudev: [Jaap, dhayn are all manas kriya. The aim of Kriyayoga Rajayoga is to transforming the mind from its gross to subtle state by eliminating the influences of indriyas on mind.]

Q27. বাবা, ক্রিয়া করার পর যদি কিছু দেখতে না পাই, তাহলে কি ক্রিয়া ঠিক হচ্ছে ? ..Pamela Mukhopadhyay
Master, if after kriya I am unable to visualize anything, then is my kriya proper?

Gurudev: [Having visualizations/darshan after kriya is actually related to desires but simply desiring would not lead to darshan. One has to understand the knowledge of darkness which would then help one in having the darshan as desired.]

Q28. Kriya practice is going very well. But I am unable to do khechari even after 2 years of practice. My tongue frenulum has torn multiple times due to talavya practice, but not much progress made. I am a little bit frustrated with this for the past few months. Rajesh Jha
Gurudev: [Folding the tongue inside the palate cavity (so as to protrude it to vyom chakra) alone is not Khechari. Khechari is a stage that happens when breathing stops automatically and one is in the state of no-mind. Therefore you must not give pressure on your tongue unnecessarily.]

Q29. Baba, does past association influence present activities? Vasant Patel
Gurudev: [It is a common thing. If you practice kriya diligently, such influence would go away automatically. Therefore try avoiding such thoughts.]

Q30. Guruji, what is the relation between kriya and kundalini? Is it necessary to awaken kundalini for every kriyaban to self realize oneself or can one attain or do atmasakshatkar through kriya? — Yuktesh Subedi

Gurudev: [By doing kriya regularly you would understand and feel one day what Kundalini is, which is the circular force ascending from lower to higher chakras and/or plexuses.]

Q31. বাবা, ৬ বছর থেকে তালভ্য করছি, কিন্তু খেচুরি হচ্ছে না ..Sankarshan Narayan Deb
Master, I am practicing talavya kriya for the last six years, but khechari is not happening?

Gurudev: [You should not worry so much about it nor about anything else. Instead you should become sthir (calm, still and balanced) by practicing kriya with a pure mind, intellect, patience and determination as Kriya Yoga is not the practice of certain postures and/or techniques alone but the science of becoming balanced or sthir. There have been sadhaks who have known the Truth by entering the desired dimension, even without khechari.]

Q32. বাবা আমার গুরুদেব নেই আমি ধ্যান করতে বসতে চাই কিন্তু ধ্যানে বসতে পারিনা একটু অস্বস্তি বোধ হয় কিছুক্ষণ বসার পর ঠিক থাকিনা — Chorantan
Master, I have no Guru. I want to sit for meditation but cannot settle down as after sitting for a while I feel disturbed or distracted

Gurudev: [Many a time physical and psychological anxieties make man disturbed making him thus unable to remain calm and balanced. Gradually one may try to overcome such anxieties.]

Q33. আমি চেষ্টা করি রোজ নিয়ম করে ক্রিয়া করার ।কিন্তু ক্রিয়া করার সময় মনে হয় কিচ্ছু হচ্ছে না। এই ক্রিয়ার জগৎ জেন আমার থেকে অনেক দূরে। কেন এমন হচ্ছে বাবা।–Sanghamitra Saha
I always try to practice kriya daily but while practicing kriya it seems that nothing as such is happening. This world of kriya appears to be far away from me. Why is it happening, Master?

Gurudev: [The one who desires to practice kriya properly would have such feelings (of kriya not being proper). But then if you practice kriya diligently on a daily basis as any other routine affair, such questions would definitely disappear.]

Finally, Gurudev stated that since there are many stages of kriya and kriyabans belonging to such stages have different questions, the answers to such questions would be given individually (over the phone) and not on a common platform like this. He also apprised about the launch of the 3rd edition of Ashram’s digital magazine ‘Anweshan’ on Guru Poornima and appealed to all kriyabans to go through it and share their views as the same would motivate, delight and enrich the ones involved in the publication of the magazine. He also appealed to the kriyabans to share their write-ups and/or articles as it is expected that they would express their understanding, realizations, wisdom, and/or intellect for the benefit of all.

This list of questions and answers has been compiled with the inputs from our Kriyabans; Saket Srivastava and Dipanjan Dey

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