Nil Shasthi Celebration, 13th April, 2023

On April 13th, 2023, a joyful celebration of Nil Shasthi took place at the residence of Gurudev. The event was a huge success, with a great turnout of RYKYM family members who gathered to worship Shiva. The worship was followed by the distribution of prasad, which added to the festive atmosphere of the occasion. Overall, it was a wonderful event that brought people together in celebration and reverence.

Maha Shivaratri Celebration 2023 @RYKYM

Maha Shivaratri is an important day for Kriyabans. The union of Shakti sitting in Muladhar with Shiva sitting in Sahasrar symbolizes Shiva’s marriage or Shivratri.

This year, the Shiv Ratri festival was celebrated with full enthusiasm in Raj Yoga Kriya Yoga Mission, some of its glimpses are shared here.

The festival of Shivratri is an important day for all the sadhakas. On this day, you can get spiritual experiences by sitting still in your meditation. Shivratri is celebrated as the marriage of Shiva-Parvati. In Varanasi, a marriage procession is also organized on this day, in which devotees go to the bride’s house (Mother Parvati) in the guise of Shiva and his ganas. Few images from Varanasi ….

Gurudev’s Birthday Celebration (20/8/2022)

On 20th August 2022, on the occasion of the birthday of our revered Gurudev, RYKYM organized a seminar and other activities at Bhadrakali High School, Uttar Pada from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

On this day our revered Gurudev personally met each Kriyavan and listened to their problems and offered his guidance. He also cleared the doubts of the seekers related to the practice of Kriya. Lunch and refreshments were also arranged along with cultural programs. The Kriyavans made this festival a success by participating in large numbers and receiving the blessings of our beloved Gurudev and Guru Maa.

70th birthday Celebration of Gurudev

Gurubaba Dr. Sudhin Ray's BirthdayWe feel blessed to have a glimpse of the Master on special occasions as ever since the onslaught of Corona pandemic we all have been deprived of physical contact with the Master for the last five months. I definitely miss those penetrating eyes of the holy Master beside his tender touch that fill me with an indefinable and inexpressible ecstasy. I bow down to him for pointing me the Source and remain prayerful at His holy feet to keep me guiding eternally. Words fall short to express this benevolence of Gurudev and the entire Masters of Kriya Yoga lineage that have been merciful enough in selecting me as one of their devotees, as I know, I am too minuscule to qualify for the same. On this special occasion, I offer as a humble offering at the lotus feet of my holy Gurudev, a collection of his words spoken on the eve of his 70th birthday celebrated on the 20th of August’ 2019 at Kalyaneshwar Mandir for the interest of all kriyabans of Raj Yoga Kriya Yoga Mission:

  1. Though I was born on 12.1948 (as recollected) I was embodied only on 20.08.1949. Then who is more relevant- the body identified as Sudhin Ray, whose birthday you are celebrating today or the jeev? Therefore try to know the real without getting identified and mesmerized by images.
  2. Guru is darkness. It may sound shocking as you all consider him to be Light only. However, if you observe closely, Light signifies absence of darkness and darkness signifies absence of Light and therefore the two are not opposites but complementary. The presence of one implies the absence of others. Hence do not run away from darkness, but be the Light. Dissolve into darkness for only then you can see that eternal light in the darkness.
  3. You cannot force your desires through your Guru. He is neither for nor against your wishes. He is not an authority but only shows you the path that would be the most beneficial to you. To walk or not to walk on it is completely your choice.
  4. I am bound to visit the house of such a disciple who is no more separate from me.
  5. You need not tell your visions and/or progress to your Guru. He can understand by simply looking at you or by observing your behavior pattern. Hence practice kriya, regularly and devotedly.
  6. It is important to understand when not to speak. A good Kriyaban knows when to speak as well as when to remain calm and reticent.
  7. If you think you are not progressing, then it is good for you. At least you are not overconfident and shall do the essential for progress.
  8. You must associate with one and all, for no one is evil. Being self-engrossed and self-enclosed in kriya is not ideal for any Kriyaban. You must not forget that whatever you do must be good for one and all.
  9. You should try to understand the words of your Guru and also follow his behavior pattern as it is not essential that he shall answer each and every query of yours.
  10. Before putting any query to your Guru, try to know the answers on your own. A sincere Kriyaban, who practices kriya regularly and devotedly with the right understanding, must be able to know all the answers on his own.
  11. Be innocent like a child but be brave and wise as a man.


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