At The Lotus Feet Of My Holy Master

Gurudev Dr. SUdhin Ray

On the eve of Guru Purnima, this 27th day of July’2018, this writer has hardly anything to offer to his Guru except his deep love for him since the entire being of this writer, as he is, and all his worldly possessions acquired till date are that of his Guru’s and therefore surrendered at his holy feet! Revered Gurudev having taken extreme pity on this writer had initiated him into Kriya Yoga on the 3rd day of July’2016 a desire that this writer cherished since 2009 after falling in deep love/communion with Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasay after viewing his world-famous image and reading few of the available books on him. Since initiation, this writer has regularly been visiting his Master’s home or ashram for hearing his Master’s holy words apart from sharing his own experiences. Accordingly few excerpts of those holy words have been reproduced below as this writer’s humble offering to his Gurudev on this Guru Purnima:

1. Always motivate everyone to realize his highest potential; never demean anyone for demeaning is very easy and extremely wicked; every man has the potential to realize the Truth; Truth that he, as he exists, is Pure Consciousness/Pure Joy/Pure Love that unfortunately remains hidden by clouds of ignorance produced by his own false identifications/mages, that is, ego

2. To live moment to moment that is living just in this moment- that is not riding on the past while remaining in this moment or contemplating about future while remaining in this moment; to be blissful every moment; to be blissful now, that is this moment, for the entire time is in this now for you do not know any other space of time; only if you are blissful now, that is very this moment, will it be possible for you to remain blissful in some other space of time

3. Be wise; for wisdom and cleverness are not identical though nowadays people are found to be clever but not wise; wisdom is realizing that you are the master of this body-mind that is physical body, astral body, and mental body and never are all these three your master in either individual or collective capacity though at times you may have felt each one of them exercising its authority upon you; whereas cleverness is the art of getting one’s work done propelled by self-interest without knowing the self for whose interests the work is being done

4. To have only the minimum ego required for holding this physical body and dropping all ego of the astral and mental bodies since all ego are false that arises out of false identifications/ images that gather around a man in due course of his upbringing by the society

5. Never attempt at controlling anger, lust, greed, lethargy or envy for all methods of control are different forms of suppression which in turn is a form of violence- tacit and latent- that ultimately will do more harm than good to the individual; the only way to overcome these vices are by simply and directly observing the vices since their very inception; observation that is absolutely pure with no interference of thought- thought either of the matter observed or of any other matter and such observation being not mounted on past but observation of the very moment of the generation of anger, lust, greed, lethargy or jealousy and watching the same till its end for no thought can fully be controlled/overpowered by another thought however powerful the latter may be

6. To be Gurumay and know your Guru

7. Practising kriya regularly with full devotion in Gurudev and Lahiri Mahasay and remaining in the parawastha of kriya- a state reachable only after deep and sincere practice of kriya not describable in words but only subject to realisation- and then doing all sundry works by remaining in that state of Kriya ki Parawastha- for all works done from that state are nishkam karma

8. Being kind, loving and affectionate to everyone you meet; at the same time carrying the essential temperament for discharging your worldly duties either at the ground level or from some position of authority but never accumulating any malice deep down the heart with an intention to avenge or harm someone in future- that is MEJAJE THAKBE, MONE RAKBHE NA

9. Never engaging in any sort of competition with anyone (especially kriyaban) for each one will get results according to his own actions; instead focussing only on one’s own actions and practising kriya consistently and faithfully to have the fruits of kriya; except in emergency circumstances kriya should be practiced regularly two times a day as directed by Gurudev

10. Not expecting anything from anyone- not even from someone whom you consider to be the closest- for no one on this earth is as close to you as you yourself are- but that understanding comes only after realization of the self- till then you may not expect anything from anyone be it physical, mental or financial

11. Not simply believing in superstitions/dogmas/rituals for the sake of believing but always trying to understand the rationale behind the continuity of such belief systems and dropping them if felt unnecessary without making any fuss or engaging in any form of criticism/ condemnation for Lahiri Mahasay and all illumined masters alike have always avoided criticism; in fact they have shown the right Path to the inquisitive seekers and we shall ever remain grateful to them by whose grace we are on this Path

12. Not boasting of oneself by practising Kriya and claiming holier-than-thou as the same will definitely prevent you from delving deeper into this Path as the practice itself is not the Truth but the gateway to Truth and minimum pride in the practice itself will hinder you in realising the Truth; actually the whole gist of Kriya Yoga is stilling the mind/cessation of the mind by stilling the breath (YOGASCHITTWRITTINIRODAH: Patanjali Yogasutra 2)- that is making the body-mind vessel appropriate/fit to receive the ultimate; only a subtle mind can delve deeper into revealing the Truth that can only be known and never be described

13. If someone is wrong or appears to be incorrect in his justifications then always making/putting forth one’s points politely for bringing into picture his said mistakes but never criss-crossing him directly as it may hurt the person and prevent him from expressing himself further which may have something beneficial for all

14. This creation/evolution is very beautiful/lovable but the same can be realized only by remaining in the Parawastha of Kriya because then you will be able to visualize this whole creation coming out of nothingness and vanishing into nothingness and you as a particle of that creation has nothing much to do except discharging your worldly duties playfully and joyfully with no entanglements since all entanglements/identifications/attachments are your own self-created images and not existential; however you will not remain oblivious of your duties since the very duty then will be joy

15. Not showing off one’s wealth or knowledge for all acquired things are earthly and unreal; even those practicing kriya should avoid discussing amongst themselves their experiences as their said experiences may be just mere hallucinations/imaginations and therefore influence others in a wrong way; all such experiences must be shared with Gurudev who only can tell whether such experiences are real or imaginary and accordingly guide such kriyabans in the right direction

16. If for some actions committed in the past one feels guilty/embarrassed the same should never be discussed publicly nor should the doer condemn himself or repent for the same; at most the same may be shared with Gurudev and after deep observation the same may be forgone/ dropped completely with the right understanding for it is never too late to correct oneself on this Path

17. Though sincere kriyabans are always under the sight of Gurudev, visiting one’s Guru at his place or ashram will immensely help the kriyaban as the place where Gurudev stays has immense positive vibrations that will definitely benefit such kriyabans

18. At no cost a householder shall sacrifice his worldly duties for advancing on this Path since his family members remain dependent on him; as such following the example of Yogiraj a sincere kriyaban must maintain a balance between his worldly duties and his duties towards himself that he comes to know after getting initiated into Kriya Yoga

19. Women are the embodiment of love and are Mother and as such, they should be respected and adored by all; it is the duty of all householders especially the kriyabans to respect all women and regard them as their Mother

20. Not accepting anything at face value but questioning all and sundry with reasoning and commonsense and finding solutions to such questions without bothering Gurudev; if one practices kriya faithfully he will get all answers to his questions for all solutions lie hidden in the problems themselves- one just needs the clarity and understanding to notice them; reading lesser number of books and practising more kriya is a surer way to wisdom and Truth as all knowledge acquired from books is borrowed and never self-realised; only a self-realized man is wise as he knows the Truth.

Excerpts From “Secret of Kriya Yoga”, Written by Maheshwari Prasad Dubey

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My experiences during Kriya

Kriya Yoga has different stages, generally divided into seven main Kriyas.

Different Yogis/Sadhaks/Practitioners have different experiences during Sadhana (Kriya) and they might differ from one Sadhak to the other. I am sharing here my own experience which occurred in 1986. I was practising pranayam during the First Kriya. Suddenly Apana left its place and got attached to Prana. After being joined by Apana, Prana and Apana moved together (With the help of pranayama practiced in the First level of Kriya itself) up and down for 4 to 5 times.

Till my fourth pranayama, my man (mind) was astonished to witness from my Navel Centre this phenomenon of integrated ascend and descend of Prana and Apana. Suddenly with a jolt, my man (mind) also got attached to them and my breathing stopped. After that I felt no hindrance in ascending to higher Chakras. I crossed all chakra centres and reached my destination.

Although I am just a common Kriya Practitioner, but I believe, whatever experiences I have attained, is all because of the grace of Babaji and my Guru Baba. I must reiterate that the grace of Guru is of utmost importance. A Kriya Practitioner (Kriyabaan) who diligently practices these kriyas will always find himself/herself under the watchful eyes of Gurus or masters, and when there is need, the grace automatically reaches the practitioner. Through one’s own hard work and the Guru’s grace, a Sadhak attains his or her goal.

That is why, it is my advice to all Kriyabans that they should diligently practice Kriya with full honesty. They should not become lethargic in practicing Kriya. Moreover, they must have full faith on Kriya. In Kriya Yoga, there is no such restriction in food habits for kriya practitioners or Kriyabaans but if you could avoid non-vegetarian food, it will be good.

Alcohol is forbidden for Kriyabaans. If you were drinking earlier, then you should curtail the habit and give it up eventually. I am telling you this because to attain higher stages in Sadhana, one needs to have a calm mind; and non-vegetarian foods and alcohol stimulate the mind which is not helpful for Sadhana.

An Introduction to Katha Upanishad

The Peace Chant of Katha Upanishad

Every Upanishad commences with a prayer, the Shanti Mantra; a formula for the invocation of peace, chanted at the beginning and close of study. The Shanti Mantra of the Katha Upanishad reads:

ॐ सह नाववतु सह नौ भुनक्तु सह वीर्यं करवावहै,
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै ॥ ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

auṁ saha nāvavatu, sahanau bhunaktu, saha vīryam karavāvahai,
tejasvi nav adhītam astu: mā vidviṣāvahai; auṁ śāntih, śāntih, śāntih ॥

It means that there should be proper attunement of spirit between the Guru and disciple before they begin the study, for only then will the teaching be fruitful:

Om. May Brahman protect us both! May Brahman bestow upon us both the fruit of Knowledge! May we both obtain the energy to acquire Knowledge! May what we both study reveal the Truth! May we cherish no ill feeling toward each other!

Om. Peace! Peace! Peace!

Gurudev Doya Koro Dino Jone (With Meaning in Hindi and English)

ভব-সাগর-তারণ-কারণ হে, রবি-নন্দন-বন্ধন-খণ্ডন হে, শরণাগত কিঙ্কর ভীত মনে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

হৃদিকন্দর-তামস-ভাস্কর হে, তুমি বিষ্ণু প্রজাপতি শঙ্কর হে, পরব্রহ্ম পরাৎপর বেদ ভণে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

মন-বারণ-শাসন-অঙ্কুশ হে, নরত্রাণ তরে হরি চাক্ষুষ হে, গুণগান-পরায়ণ দেবগণে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

কুলকুণ্ডলিনী-ঘুম-ভঞ্জক হে, হৃদি-গ্রন্থি-বিদারণ-কারক হে, মম মানস চঞ্চল রাত্রদিনে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

রিপু-সূদন-মঙ্গল-নায়ক হে, সুখ-শান্তি-বরাভয়-দায়ক হে, ত্রয়তাপ হরে তব নাম গুণে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

অভিমান-প্রভাব-বিমর্দ্দক হে, গতিহীন জনে তুমি রক্ষক হে, চিত-শঙ্কিত-বঞ্চিত-ভক্তিধনে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

তব নাম সদা শুভ-সাধক হে, পতিতাধম-মানব-পাবক হে, মহিমা তব গোচর শুদ্ধ মনে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

জয় সদ্‌গুরু ঈশ্বর-প্রাপক হে, ভব-রোগ-বিকার-বিনাশক হে, মন যেন রহে তব শ্রীচরণে, গুরুদেব দয়া কর দীনজনে।।

भवसागर तारण कारण हे । रविनन्दन बन्धन खण्डन हे ॥ शरणागत किंकर भीत मने । गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥१॥

हृदिकन्दर तामस भास्कर हे । तुमि विष्णु प्रजापति शंकर हे ॥ परब्रह्म परात्पर वेद भणे । गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥२॥

मनवारण शासन अंकुश हे । नरत्राण तरे हरि चाक्षुष हे ॥ गुणगान परायण देवगणे । गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥३॥

कुलकुण्डलिनी घुम भंजक हे । हृदिग्रन्थि विदारण कारक हे ॥ मम मानस चंचल रात्रदिने । गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥४॥

रिपुसूदन मंगलनायक हे । सुखशान्ति वराभय दायक हे । त्रयताप हरे तव नाम गुणे गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥५॥

अभिमान प्रभाव विमर्दक हे । गतिहीन जने तुमि रक्षक हे ॥ चित शंकित वंचित भक्तिधने । गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥६॥

तव नाम सदा शुभसाधक हे । पतिताधम मानव पावक हे ॥ महिमा तव गोचर शुद्ध मने । गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥७॥

जय सद्गुरु ईश्वर प्रापक हे । भवरोग विकार विनाशक हे ॥ मन जेन रहे तव श्रीचरणे । गुरुदेव दया करो दीनजने ॥८॥

Bhava-Saagara Taaranna Kaaranna He | Ravi-Nandana Bandhana Khannddana He || Sharannaagata Kinkara Bhiita Mane | Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||1||

Hrdi-Kandara Taamasa Bhaaskara He | Tumi Vissnnu Prajaapati Shankara He || Parabrahma Paraatpara Veda Bhanne | Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||2||

Mana-Vaaranna Shaasana Ankusha He | Nara-Traanna Tare Hari Caakssussa He || Gunna-Gaana Paraayanna Deva-Ganne | Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||3||

Kulakunnddalinii Ghuma Bhanjaka He | Hrdi-Granthi Vidaaranna Kaaraka He || Mama Maanasa Cancala Raatra-Dine | Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||4||

Ripu-Suudana Mangala-Naayaka He | Sukha-Shaanti Vara-Abhaya Daayaka He | Traya-Taapa Hare Tava Naama Gunne Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||5||

Abhimaana Prabhaava Vimardaka He | Gatihiina Jane Tumi Rakssaka He || Cita Shankita Vancita Bhakti-Dhane | Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||6||

Tava Naama Sadaa Shubha-Saadhaka He | Patita-Adhama Maanava Paavaka He || Mahimaa Tava Gocara Shuddha Mane | Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||7||

Jaya Sadguru Iishvara Praapaka He | Bhava-Roga Vikaara Vinaashaka He || Mana Jena Rahe Tava Shriicaranne | Gurudeva Dayaa Karo Diina-Jane ||8||

1.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) From this sea of worldly turbulence You are instrumental in rescuing the helpless,
1.2: You are the son of the light who tears apart the worldly ties
1.3: I have approached You as a Servant, for Your Refuge, with a Mind filled with the Fear (of the never-ending Samsara)
1.4: ... O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul.

2.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) Who dispels the darkness (of Ignorance) by illuminating the cave of the Heart (with Spiritual Knowledge)
2.2: (O my Lord) You are Vishnu, Prajapati (Brahma) and Shankara (in essence)
2.3: (And) the Vedas declare You as the Supreme Brahman greater than everything
2.4: O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul.

3.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) Who is the Ankusha (Hook) restraining the Mind (from getting attached to the World)
3.2: Who is the visible Hari protecting Man (from getting immersed in the Ocean of Samsara) and carrying them across
3.3: The Devas are intent upon singing the praises of Your Divine Qualities
3.4: O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul.

4.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) Who awakens the (dormant) Kundalini Shakti by breaking its (long) Sleep,
4.2: ... and tearing asunder the Knots of the Heart (makes that Kundalini rise),
4.3: My Mind is restless - Day and Night,
4.4: ... O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul,

5.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) Who destroys the Enemies (of Lust and Greed) and acts as the great power bestowing Auspiciousness (in our lives),
5.2: Who bestows Happiness and Peace, and grants Boons and Fearlessness (during our life's journey),
5.3: The virtue of Your Name takes away the three-fold Miseries from our lives (Adhyatmika, Adidaivika and Adibhautika),
5.4: O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul,

6.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) Who crushes the power of the Pride within us,
6.2: (O Lord) You protect the one without any refuge by giving them Your Refuge (mercifully),
6.3: My Mind is always alarmed, being bereft of the treasure of (steady) Devotion (to Your Lotus Feet),
6.4: O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul,

7.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) (O Lord) Your Name always gives rise to Auspiciousness,
7.2: ... and purifies the Fallen and Lowly persons,
7.3: Your Glory is only perceptible to the Pure Mind (bereft of all worldly desires),
7.4: O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul,

8.1: (I salute the Gurudeva) Victory to the Sadguru Who leads towards the attainment (realization) of God
8.2: ... by annihilating the diseases of the Worldly attachments,
8.3: May my Mind always abide on Your Lotus Feet,
8.4: O Gurudeva, Please shower Your Mercy on me, (Please shower Your Grace on this) Helpless soul.