Gurudev's Blessings for Newsletter

At the very outset I would like to extend my heartfelt blessings to the Kriyabaans of Rajayoga Kriya Yoga Mission, who have walked the extra mile in writings, editing and publishing ‘Anweshan’, an online editorial of RYKYM by taking out extra time from their busy schedule for bringing into forum the objective with which this mission has been established.

I hope this online magazine/editorial will help the interested kriyabaan and readers delve deeper into the reason for leading a spiritual life, if I may use the term, since the term spiritual as of now has been much misused. Though much talking and lectures on spirituality is going around, it remains a fact that the world is getting ripped apart with violence emerging out of hate, anger, envy, lust for power and money, thereby forcing man to indulge in the heinous act of killing his own fellow men not to speak of animals. Until and unless man leads a righteous life he can never be right to himself, that is, he can never know his true self which is nothing but pure consciousness, pure love, pure joy that man unfortunately remains oblivious, ignorant of throughout his entire life due to his excessive indulgence, engagement, entanglement in materialist way of life and thus his becoming compassionate towards his fellow men and other leaving creatures on Earth remain a distant dream.

In the end I invoke all the illumined masters who have walked down the Earth till date to shower their blessings on man so that he may lead a fully conscious life always aware, awake and fully attentive.

Newsletters and Editorial Guidelines

Raj Yoga Kriya Yoga Mission is happy to also present Anveshan, its newsletter, in online format through this website.

Anveshan is a Sanskrit word that means invention, discovery, following a vision. In spiritual realm, it signifies inner seeking of the Atma Tatva (Soul or God).

You are welcome to send your write up. The Editorial Guidelines for Submission are available here. Anyone is free to send their write up or pictures for publishing.

June 2018